About Us


Founder of Divine Electrolysis.  


I am a professional electrologist licensed by the State of California, specializing in permanent hair removal. Graduated from American Institute of Education, the number one electrolysis school in the nation.


Electrolysis changed my life, it gave me the confidence and security that I didn’t have. I struggled with unwanted and embarrassing facial hair for years.  I researched “permanent hair removal” and electrolysis was listed in the results. Web sites stated “FDA approved permanent hair removal method” which caught my attention.  I researched Electrolysis, which sounded too good to be true, “is it really permanent”.


I decided to try this hair removal method and booked my first session.  After the first few sessions, I felt discouraged about my progress. I discussed the progress and process with my electrologist and felt confident to continue my treatments. I am so thankful I continued with Electrolysis.  Three years later and I am still hair free! Electrolysis has been the best investment I made for myself.


Struggling with unwanted hair was not easy, so I choose to pursue a career in Electrolysis to help others gain the confidence, self-esteem, and happiness I found. 


Provide clients with the best quality of treatments, education, and self-confidence.