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If you are looking for permanent hair removal for facial hair or genital hair as part of your gender confirmation process, Divine Electrolysis is the solution for you.  


Divine Electrolysis specializes in helping trans women obtain permanent hair removal and provides as much privacy and discretion as you need.  We work directly with Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) insurance and Kaiser Permanente Southern California insurance to cover medically necessary hair removal, must be authorized by your healthcare provider prior to treatment


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Electrolysis is the most reliable option available today proven to remove trans women hair permanently. 

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Female hormones will not get rid of exciting hair.


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Does electrolysis hurt?

Some people find it tolerable, and some find it extremely painful. Topical anesthetic like prescription EMLA, or over the counter Lidocaine can ease the pain.  

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How long will Electrolysis take?

Clearing one area for a trans women can generally take about 100 to 400 hours of treatment time (some need more or some need less).  This is spread out over approximately one to three years (some need more or some need less).  This can depend on how consistent you are with your treatment plan.  

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What are the side effects?

Some temporary post treatment redness and swelling are common.  Other serious temporary side effect is scabbing.