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History of Electrolysis

1875- The first person to use electrolysis for hair removal was Dr. Charles E. Michel (1833-1913), a St. Louis, Missouri ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who, in 1875 reported the results of his use of electrolysis in trichiasis (ingrown eyelashes) (St. Louis Clinical Record, October, 1875, 2:145-148).  He had been performing electrolysis since 1869.

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The FDA statement is clear

!! Electrolysis is Permanent !!

The FDA statement on Laser:

"Manufacturers may not claim that laser hair removal is either painless or permanent... several manufacturers had received FDA permission to claim 'permanent reduction'...".

The FDA statement is vague.  But here is the central summation of their statement. Let's say a hair on your body grows and sheds in three months. If a laser causes the hair to stay away for 6 months, that is considered "permanent hair reduction". In fact, the word permanent cannot be used in laser treatment advertising. Laser is ineffective on grey, white, blonde, and red hair.  The hair will regrow so it will never be hair free.


Are you going to be happy with some hairs staying away longer? Or, do you want permanent results?